The first Stand Alone Mechanical Mine Clearance System of the World

 Maschine I und II


KMMCS mechanically destroys mines of all kinds for 100% without hazard for humans.

A mill, mounted in front of a tracked vehicle, enables the safe and reliable removal of mines from all categories and strengths. This eliminates the employment of manually working deminers in the so-called "Humanitarian Demining" ( = demining by humans), which falsely often is understood as a demining by "humanitarian motivation". Our method of mechanical demining substitutes the use of hand tools such as garden shears, metal detectors, hand search needles (prodders) and hand shovels, with which the mine-clearing people have entered the mine field and were highly jeopardized. Furthermore our methode of mechanical demining eliminates additional explosives and the necessity for qualified personnel to handle these extra explosives. And we also do not need these manual deminers to work behind the machines to dig the already milled earth a second time. That way we realize a significant advantage in terms of costs, speed and security.
The class of mine clearance created by KMMCS therefor is named Stand Alone Mechanical Mine Clearance.

172 Detonationen in 7 Minuten auf 200 Meter

172 Detonations in 7 minutes at 200 meter long path.

Maschine I

Employment in Mosambik



KMMCS in Mozambique had cleared 1.430.000 m² and destroyed more than 20.000 Minen in 100 working days. This faultless and accident-free work was certified by the Centro National de Desminagem as areas beeing mine-free and the areas were returned to people for public use. The UN Standard for manual demining was outperformed. Since then the areas are in intensive agricultural use and no clearance mistake is known until now.

Krohn Demining can run KMMCS in areas with water to wading depth of 1,2 m like at lake sites and river beds. The machines are able to work in area with heavy vegetation and also rocky terrain. Even frosted soil is no problem, so demining now also can happen in winter time.

KMMCS Krohn Demining offers also several services as addon of the demining, like scrap collection and dust downing activities. We also worked in the fields of agricultur matters, like soil rehabilitation, soil improvement, seed and plantation of crop and trees. We can improve soil by providing water-holding material at dry areas like in desert, or material to enforce the upper layer of the soil to prevents dust development and paths becoming sludgy during raintime. We can provide the fitting additive for road sides and wet areas.


KMMCS - Maschinelle Minenräumung und Bodensanierung
(KMMCS - Mechanical Mine Clearance and Soil Rehabilitation)
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